Section 508 compliance, intuitive navigation and Google-powered search to keep a huge volume of content findable…

…clean typography and color scheme to keep it readable…
…and a custom content management system to manage and maintain the site’s massive collection of documents and content.

United States District Court, Northern District of California San Francisco, CA

Project Summary

We originally collaborated with and worked as the development arm of Black Crow Studio to completely redesign and develop the court’s website, back in the day when no one used their phones to look at websites (if you can remember back that far)!

When the smart phone revolution occurred, we redesigned the court’s website templates in line with the “mobile first” philosophy to produce a site that is as easy to use on mobile devices as it is on the desktop.

Over a decade after the original redesign, the website continues to receive compliments as one of the finest looking and easy-to-use judiciary websites out there.


Services Rendered

Information architecture, site development, custom content management system development and content management training.


We also worked with the court to help them wrangle their WordPress-powered intranet, and are currently working with them to migrate the site from a proprietary content management system to a WordPress framework to allow for more flexibility and growth potential moving forward.

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