Developed on a WordPress / Divi framework for maximum layout flexibility and easy maintenance.

Layouts designed to keep text concise and readable.

Sierra Health Foundation Sacramento, CA

Project Summary

We worked closely with the team at Sierra Health Foundation to rethink and redesign a very large website.  Over the years a large number of documents and aging content had built up, and the proprietary content management system made it difficult to accommodate the need for more complex layouts.

The new WordPress / Divi framework makes it easy to prune content and to create individual page layouts as simple or as complex as they need to be, plus the library system makes reusing layout building blocks a breeze.

Services Rendered

Consultation, website design and development, WordPress development, content management training.

Project Notes

We aimed to counter the tendency towards text-heavy pages and long lists of things with design standards that encourage “chunking” content into smaller bite-sized pieces that are more likely to get read, using type treatments to highlight key messages, and using multiple columns and layout blocks to keep things looking concise and fresh.

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