Responsive, mobile-friendly design!
Rich visual content features to direct traffic.
Easy to manage, posterboard-style events calendar.
WordPress framework for rapid development and easy content management.
…and standards-compliant development that made it easy to re-brand and re-skin when the park changed names.

Papa Murphy’s Park (formerly Bonny Field) Sacramento, CA

Project Summary

When Bonney Field was finally approved by Cal Expo, we were tasked by Sacramento Republic FC to develop a website quick! Republic FC provided some creative direction, and we took it from there, selecting a WordPress theme that would translate into their vision, rapid prototyping, and then adding some custom coding to make the stock template jump through a few hooops.

Although we took the site from design and completion in less than two weeks, and regardless of the fact that the park changed names a few years later, (now is still holding up and looking great!

Services Rendered

Consultation, WordPress development.


The site features a robust events calendar feature that displays upcoming events in an engaging “posterboard” format.

Visit The Site

Spectra recently took over management of the site, so we can no longer vouch for how it’s holding up, but you can still visit it at