The Problem

In recent months we’ve seen an uptick in malicious attacks on WordPress-powered websites. WordPress is best-of-breed software, but due to its popularity (over 25% of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress!) and the fact that it’s open source software (meaning that its source code is available to anyone), it is a big target for hackers.

Keeping the core WordPress software up to date – including its plugins (additional pieces of software developed by third party developers that are “plugged in” to WordPress to enable it to do more stuff) and its theme (the files and code that give your site its look and feel) – is a crucial part of maintaining WordPress’ security. The challenge is that updates to each of these pieces of software can be released by their respective developers at any time, and these updates may include patches to security vulnerabilities that have been detected.

Unless someone is taking responsibility for installing these updates as soon as they’re released, there’s a possibility that an un-updated site may have a vulnerability that could be exploited by a bad actor. While monthly or quarterly updates are good for guaranteeing that a site doesn’t get too behind, they do not guarantee a secure perimeter (imagine a security guard who makes the rounds to ensure that there are no holes in the fence, but only does so once a month).

The Solution

To remedy this challenge, we’re offering a service that will put the responsibility for keeping the site secure and up to date firmly in our court, so you don’t need to worry about it. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee (with a 20% discount if you want to pay annually), and we’ll take care of the rest, to include:

  • making updates within one business day of their becoming available,
  • running daily offsite backups,
  • and running daily security scans for vulnerabilities and malware.

If you’d like to learn more, send us an email. We’ll review your site’s setup and then get you a proposal detailing exactly what we’ll do, and how much it will cost.

If you prefer to do it another way…

We’re happy to work with you to either train your team to make regular updates in-house or to design an alternative plan that meets your specific needs. Our end goal is that your WordPress site stays secure and up-to-date, that you’re crystal clear on who’s responsible, and that you know exactly what the plan is.

Email us today about keeping your WordPress site secure and up-to-date.