A redesign to convey the growth and environmental benefits that result from ADE's economic consulting work…

…snappy copywriting to make a potentially dry subject engaging…

…and our Profusion content management system to easily maintain the site's content, including fresh news and success stories!

Applied Development Economics Walnut Creek and Sacramento, CA

Project Summary

Redesign. We worked with the team at ADE and Moxie Communications to design a new site that communicates ADE's passion and expertise. Economic consulting is a technical field that might appear dry at first glance, so we worked with Moxie to develop an approach to the site's content that would convey the prosperity and real change that ADE's work helps to promote.

Services Rendered

Site design and development, information architecture, content management system integration and training.


Powered by our Profusion content management system to empower ADE's staff to keep their news, success stories and resources current and compelling.

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